Insure your Personal Property

At AAAA Mini Storage, we strive to provide the best facility and services to meet your storage needs. Unfortunately, there can be uncontrollable circumstances, natural and otherwise, that may occur which can cause loss or damage to your stored goods. Consequently, we do require you to insure your personal property stored at our self storage facilities as we feel its in the best interests of all our customers.

There are several different options for insuring your personal property:

Homeowners Insurance If you are a homeowner, you likely have homeowners insurance. In some cases, your homeowner’s Insurance policy will cover your personal items (extended coverage endorsement) stored at a self storage facility at a minimal cost. Talk to your insurance provider for details.

Rental Insurance If you are a renter that purchased rental insurance, your policy may cover your personal items stored at a self storage facility. Talk to your insurance provider for details.

Self Storage Insurance We have enrolled Bader Insurance company (a nationally recognized leader for over 35 years) to offer a Tenant Insurance Property Program for our facilities that includes competitive coverage options and coverages that include (and not limited to) fire, smoke or water damage, vandalism, malicious mischief and burglary with little (or NO) deductible. Please ask management for details.